Yaddlethorpe Methodist Church, Lincolnshire

Yaddlethorpe Methodist Church is in the south of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Built in 1967 the shape of it’s modern design represent hands at prey.

In 2019 Richard King Systems where brought in to advise how best to address improving the performance of both the sound system and audio loop system.

As part of the initial audio and electrical engineer assessment Richard King Systems established that interference from the electrical installation was significantly compromising the audio loop system performance. Following on from the initial findings an improvement scheme was submitted for the church’s consideration.

The scheme of improvements put in place included:

  • Wireless lectern microphone
  • High quality slim pulpit microphone
  • Upgraded performance replacement professional loudspeakers
  • Upgraded amplification and control equipment
  • High fidelity full range stand-alone sound system for organ music reproduction
  • Electrical switchgear replacement

At the time of writing it’s seven months since the completion of the improvement works and church secretary advises "We are still delighted with your work".