Wrexham Memorial Hall

The main war memorials for Wrexham are located in the Memorial Hall at Bodhyfryd. When the hall was built in the late 1950s, members of the public had donated £20,000 towards its construction, with Wrexham Borough Council funding the remaining £15,000. The Hall is operated by Wrexham County Borough Council serving as an adaptable town-centre facility, which hosts a wide range of events.

Over recent years Richard King System has worked with the Hall on several projects relating to the sound and lighting systems:

Sound system upgrades

  • Digital control sound processing for ease of use and optimum sound across the three zones of the hall complex
  • Simply to operate controls for staff and hall users
  • Compact, best in class, loudspeaker system for evenly spread clear, high fidelity sound reproduction
  • Audio loop system
  • Professional expert sound engineer installation for reliable operation

Stage Lighting system upgrades

  • Replacement stage lighting bars and dimmer with pre-programmed control for simple to use lighting changes
  • Modern efficient stage lanterns to lower energy use