Audio loop & hearing assist

Richard King Systems are an established and recognised specialist in the field of audio frequency loop induction and infra red systems. We strive for the best possible audio experience for persons who can benefit from loop induction and infra-red hearing assist technology.

We have extensive experience in the specifying, supply, use and testing of all types of hearing assist systems. Designed specifically for commercial use Richard King Systems offers a wide range of design solutions for any project, no matter how small or large. Our experience includes:

Richard King Systems work to recognised standards and provide certificated testing. Our main engineers have successfully completed recognised training on the design and installation plus the measurement and certification of induction loop systems. In addition, we are listed by the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers as approved hearing loop assessors.

In many public situations induction loops are often vital to ensure hearing aid wearers can hear what is being said. Increasing access to services for people with hearing loss can be good for business.

As part of a Disabled Access & Compliance audit Richard King Systems are able to help and advise on compliance with current regulatory requirements and therefore help ensure that persons with hearing loss receive the best possible audio assistance.