Shrewsbury Unitarian Church, Shropshire

Shrewsbury Unitarian Church is a Grade II listed building on the High Street in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The meeting house was founded at its present site in 1662 and rebuilt in 1839-40 by local architect, John Carline, Jnr. Charles Darwin worshipped here until he was eight years of age when his mother died in 1817. The painting hanging above the pulpit is of the Royal coat of Arms of King George 1st.

The church’s 2011 brief was for the installation of an appropriately discrete sound system to provide both clear and evenly spread speech reproduction with the capacity for full range recorded music reproduction.

Following acceptance of the scheme proposal from Richard King Systems, Shropshire County Council were consulted regarding the visual impact on the interior of the church.

The system included:

  • High quality compact loudspeakers with a separate free-standing bass cabinet
  • Discrete fixed microphones for the pulpit and lectern with visual on/off indicators
  • Audio frequency loop induction system