Professional sound

With technological advances over recent decades, people are now used to high quality audio, in their homes, in their cars and on the move. This progression in domestic and personal audio quality has been echoed by the advances in professional sound, for all types of venues and locations. Whether we are being informed by an announcement, listening to a speech, enjoying the restaurant atmosphere, the excitement on the dance floor or at a live concert, the professional audio is an all important ingredient.

Richard King Systems are established and recognised specialists in the field of professional sound systems. For four decades we have been at the forefront of harnessing the capabilities of professional sound technology, to produce first class performance. With our extensive experience in designing, installing, commissioning and servicing of all types of professional sound systems we are able to work with clients to create the desired environment for a wide range of commercial audio systems with the value, quality and reliability that operators and listeners now expect at:-

We are reliable team players either working directly for clients or as part of larger projects with architects, electrical engineers, acoustic consultants and project managers. Our main sound engineers are members of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers.